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Are YOU a product?

You scroll Facebook or watching Instagram relations and sometimes suddenly see advertisements about a product that were thinking about before? But can't really tell why you really saw it. Are they reading in your mind?

"They" know your personality

Facebook actively use your browser's cookies. They do it event when you don't use Facebook website right now! It allows them to offer you a product matched with your behavior on their websites. You don't have to be log in or even registered. It make possible to show ads and measure it's effectiveness also on other devices and in other browsers! You can check their analyzed data here. They filter not only what you like, share etc, but also what you write in Messenger. Facebook can block link that you send in the chat or analyze you conversation you show you ad special for you.

Other platform that tracks you data very actively is Google. The most private data they get are from your emails. It's extracted, for example, to show email with scheduled meeting in your Google Calendar. The same data are used to personalize advertisement for you.

Don don't need to have account

All you activities in the internet are analyze by specialized AI algorithms. You don't have to be logged in in Facebook or Google. All data comes from your browser. Not only cookies files that every website leave in your browser, but also your URL's history and search history. Google Chrome have mechanism to store your passwords, don't you feel scared?

On the other hand, Facebook can identify you on someone else's photos by their face recognition engine. I am almost sure, you didn't check their privacy policy before.

How to protect your privacy?

You can protect your privacy by masking your browser information and block websites from using cookies shared between many URL's. I already switched from Google Chrome to Brave web browser. It block ads and cross websites scripts by default. Other thing is ability to browse internet not only in incognito mode, but also with using decentralized Tor network. The last thing is rewarding user for content that you make, and sometimes you are not aware of it! Awards are payed with BAT cryptocurrency. You can also reward creators that you like, by donating your shares with them. support